December 7, 2020
Integrating blinds into your decor near Tustin, California (CA) including wood, metal, and automation.

Integrating Blinds into Your Decor

If you are redesigning any space inside your home, integrating blinds into your decor can be an easy way to effectively bring more light into the room. As we offer a range of materials and customization options, there is something in our catalog for any type of living environment that you may be upgrading. At Custom Wood Shutters & Blinds, we pride… Continue Reading Integrating Blinds into Your Decor
October 26, 2020
Changing Your Home's Decor Near Tustin, California (CA) including custom Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Changing Your Home’s Decor

As you begin thinking of ways that you could go about changing your home’s decor, you may want to consider redesigning your windows. These areas can play an important role in any space due to the fact that they can either make an immediate statement or quietly tie the aesthetic together. At Custom Wood Shutters & Blinds, we can walk with you… Continue Reading Changing Your Home’s Decor
September 21, 2020
Redesigning Your Windows Near Tustin, California (CA) including Adding Shutters and Cellular Shades

Redesigning Your Windows

If you feel as though your home could benefit from upgrading your windows, you will have a range of things to consider moving forward. As redesigning your windows can present a vast assortment of options, you will find that you have creative freedom at each step of the process. At Custom Wood Shutters & Blinds, our expert staff can help you think… Continue Reading Redesigning Your Windows
August 28, 2020
Upgrading the Window Treatments in your Home near Tustin, California (CA) including Luminette® Sheers and Shadings

Upgrading Your Window Treatments

As you begin transforming the interior design of your home, you may want to consider changing your window fashions. As these areas of your home can affect the overall look and feel of a space, how you choose to decorate them can certainly play a pivotal role. At Custom Wood Shutters & Blinds, we can help you consider your options as you… Continue Reading Upgrading Your Window Treatments