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March 6, 2017

Shutters, Shades or Blinds?

Shutters, Shades or Blinds?

To make any room feel usable and complete, windows need coverings which can be expensive and hard to decide on. Roman Shades and Roller Shades are always a stylish way to go but sometimes they are not the best option after considering all factors.   Shutters and Blinds give you the most light and privacy control.  If you are not concerned by the cost, we have a few products that gives the best of both worlds.  Here are some the pros and cons of different products and things to consider…..

Roman Shades add warmth and depth a bit higher on the budget side.  Roller Shades come in many fabrics designs and are very budget friendly.

Shades are great.  But they are on more definitive  “black or white” side.  They’re either up or they’re down, there’s no real in between with visibility or privacy.  Some fabrics let more light in, making for nice bright rooms, but can have privacy issues in the evening.  Room darkening fabrics do their job, darkness, day or night.  Shades only allow for only two levels of light with nothing in between. Having shutters gives you have a lot more control, you can adjust them at an angle for more or less light.  Roman Shades can have an upgraded feature; top down bottom up feature, which does help.

Blinds come in many colors, materials, styles are economical and provide light control.

Blinds you can choose wood, metal, plastic or even faux wood or metal and they all come in a variety of colors, sheens and grains. You can vary the width of the slats also so they are totally bespoke to what you are looking to achieve.

Privacy is best with Shutters, Blinds and the Best of Both Worlds Shades. You can see out while it is harder to see in.

Shutters probably have the best control around.   Shutters can be split tilt so a predetermined amount of louvers open and close together.  If your window is in front of a busy walkway, you can keep the bottom half closed for privacy, and the top open allowing light to come into the room. Blinds and the above mentioned shades provide different levels of privacy.

Products with the Best of Both Worlds..

Higher on the budget side, but oh so worth the look and WOW factor are Silhouettes® & Pirouettes®.  These products have the softness of a Roman Shade, along with the versatility of a shutter or blind.  They provide light and privacy control.  They also provide UV protection while being able to view through.  Honestly, the only drawback to these amazing shades are on the budget.

Blinds and Shutters are better for households sensitive to allergens and dust.

Curtains attract dust and allergens and are not as easy to clean as blinds. Blinds and Shutters are easily wiped, vacuumed or washed to prevent build up making them a better choice for sensitive households.  Shades can easily be dusted and vacuumed.

Protecting your home from UV light damage.

Shutters, shades and blinds, will protect your rooms from the heat of the sun better than curtains. If the furniture, floors and other accessories are exposed to sunlight for too long, they can become damaged, fade or start cracking over time. By using the appropriate window covering you can prevent these damages.

Most of the window treatments are good insulators and save energy.

When temperatures outside are high, Duettes® do the best job preventing the heat from entering inside your house than curtains or most any other product.  During winter, the heat from inside the room does not escape outside as easily. So you will be using less of the heating and cooling devices.  Most window coverings do provide some level of insulation.

Other important things you should consider include the operating system such as manual or motorized.  By considering all these factors you will be able to choose the best window treatment for your home.  We are here to help you in finding the best solution personalized for your needs!