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Go Green With The New Revolutionary “Honeycomb” Shade
March 6, 2017
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June 27, 2019

Why Shutters?

Why Shutters?

Years ago, shutters for your home were one of the most expensive items on the window covering menu, not anymore! Not only are they more affordable than some other options, they are still viewed as adding value to your home by many. Shutters come in a variety of styles fitting homes from  1950’s ranch, 1920’s bungalow, and ultra-modern high-rise apartment. The slats of shutters can be adjusted to let in the desired amount of light or none at all just like other types of coverings but are much more durable and do a better job when it comes to insulation.

Going all the way back to Ancient Greece, shutters are the original window treatment to block sunlight, protect interiors, and provide ventilation. Louvered shutters with wide blades that open and close from a central rod were and still are extremely popular in warmer climates including the Deep South. Think back to Clark Gable and Scarlett O’Hara, “Gone with the Wind” plantation shutters will always be a classic.

Window Shutters offer many benefits over the more traditional window furnishing options and can be tailored to fit almost any type of window shape.

If you are looking for a window covering that won’t fade, tear or wear out, shutters will be your best investment. They don’t go out of style, and their clean, classic and neat appearance will always keep up with the trends.