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At Custom Wood Shutters, we have the highest quality wood and synthetic shutters available to you. With our expansive product options offering 5 distinct shutter lines, we have the shutter that will fit your needs!

Here are some details on just two of our lines of shutters. Feel free to call us and come in to the showroom to learn more about the rest.

Polycore Shutter (Base price $25 per square foot)

Polycore is a solid synthetic shutter with a co-extruded aluminum core.

Polycore shutters have a baked-on waterbased paint and are both fire-retardant and moisture-resistant.

In addition to offering a high insulation value against the heat and cold, they are easy to clean and maintain.

All of the rails, stiles, and louvers are reinforced with an aluminum core. In the fabrication process at Sunland®, they screw the rail and stile together with two 3/16” X 3” self-tapping screws in each corner of the panels. These corners prevent the panels from racking, thus creating one of the strongest panels in the industry today.

The aluminum reinforced louvers prevent sagging in wider panels, Polycore can reach up to 36” in panel width.

Limited 25-year manufacturer warranty on Sunland® Polycore shutters, and of course, the impeccable service that comes with shutters purchased from Custom Wood Shutters & Blinds.

Premium Wood Shutter (base price starting at $31 per square foot)

This locally-manufactured shutter is made using only top-quality materials for the construction of your shutters.

The Louvers and Framework are built using FAS* Basswood. This perfect wood for shutters is medium density, tight grained, highly stable, and virtually free of resin (resin - a yellow or brown sticky substance that comes from some trees). These natural characteristics of Basswood are paramount in the resistance of warping, twisting, and bowing.

Another important aspect of a quality finish and a well-built shutter panel is the manufacturing procedures itself.

  • Every piece of lumber is cut and first sanded individually and then sanded again after assembly.
  • Each pane is also preassembled without the louvers and run through a wide belt sander, guaranteeing a smooth, almost flawless surface on both sides of the shutter panel.
  • After assembly, the panels are sized, the louvers are quality checked for a tight close.
  • The panels are placed together to check their fit against each other.
  • The panels are then sanded again and sent to the finish department.
  • To ensure long term durability, a special "bar coat" lacquer finish is applied to the completed shutter.

Covered by the Custom Wood Shutters, Inc. Warranty

How We Estimate The Cost Of Shutters For Your Windows

In order to give you the best possible square footage price, we follow manufacturer measurement procedures.

We measure the width and the height of your window in inches. We then round up, adding one to three inches to the width and height (with over-the-phone estimates we add 3" to make it simple) depending on the shutter, style chosen, etc. We multiply the resulting width by height and divide by 144, rounding up to the nearest whole number. This gives us the number of square feet of your shutter. We then multiply the number of square feet by the base price ranging from $25-$31, plus any upgrades chosen. Installation is currently included in that pricing.

Various Upgrades include but are not limited to:

  • Specialty Shapes and Large Decorative Frames
  • Sandblasted/Sandbrushed finish
  • Hidden tilt
  • Fixed/raised panel
  • French door cut-outs
  • Build out strips for minimal window depth
  • Track (comparable to sliding closet doors on a track)

Extra Info:

  • Minimum square footage per opening standard opening is 8, 10 for specialty shapes
  • Minimum order is $500
  • The three lines of Hunter Douglas shutters are priced completely differently. They are priced with a pricing grid, not per square foot.

*FAS (First and Seconds) - It is the highest wood grade quality, as set by the National Hardwood Lumber Association, best suited for high-quality furniture, interior joinery, and solid wood mouldings.